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Ok so when playing games on my computer it will randomly shut off. After using speedfan to check my temps i see that my gpu runs at about 60 degrees idle and up to 73 degrees when it shuts down. I'm guessing this is to hot? Its a Nvidia GT 120 that came in the Gateway LX that i purchased a couple months ago. Is this card just not up to the task? I've been gaming with it for several months already and no problems till now. Anyone have any advice, maby just replace it with something better?
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    According to Nvidia, your GPU is rated (like most other Nvidia GPUs) to run all the way up to 105C. Now no one is suggesting you run your GPU at that temp 24/7, but it is capable of running at that temperature so I think you're OK with your GPU temps. Like the other poster suggested, it could be CPU heat or it could be power related... both worth investigating.

    That particular GPU is NOT truly meant for gaming. Yes, it's a nice step up from integrated graphics, but it's still a very weak gaming card. As best I can tell it's the rough equivalent of an Nvidia 8600 GT... that wasn't a top-tier card several years ago and it sure isn't now. 128 bit bus + DDR2 memory = FAIL.
  2. Thanks Guys. I checked into my CPU and the temps are fine there also, its a Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 so i'm beginning to wonder if its not the power supply. I just dont know, it has worked fine for almost 5 months and now it just started doing this
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