Pairing Memory OC 800+ with 1066

I have some questions regarding DDR2 OC:
1. So I have 4GB kit of A-Data memory 800+. Suppose I can overclock it to 1066 Mhz 5-5-5-12, then buy a pair of 1066+ kit DDR2, set it to run 1066 at BIOS. Will these two memory work?

2. How to look at the chip used in my memory? What type of chipset does my memory use? Sorry I'm quite a noob.
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  1. Hi.

    1- Yeah but if that OC isn't stable u will get some BSoD
    2- U can use Everest to know that.
  2. I have used Everest ult. Edition but the information is nowhere to be found?
    I have chosen Report... but still cannot find it. There's memory read, write, copy etc.
    Anyone Everest user can point me?
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    Go to Motherboard select SPD in the right panel u can find "DRAM manufacturer" that's the chip that ur RAM has.
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  5. But it's written as A-DATA, the manufacturer, not the chipset. thanks anyway.
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