Building 1st i5 system, stuck on which components to get

Hi, I am building my first system and would appreciate any comments or pointers.
I have decided on the i5 750 but I am a little unsure on the other parts. I want a good system thats going to last, but I don't want to overspend and get something thats too high spec for my needs. Although I will be gaming, its not my main use for the computer

BUDGET RANGE: £750 (= $1,200 )

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Media/films/internet, Photo editing, Gaming, Audio creation, Light video editing

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, speakers, OS, Case, monitor



OVERCLOCKING: Yes, potentially. Need to research still
SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Yes (for future upgrade)

MONITOR RESOLUTION: Either 1680x1050


The P7P55D-E PRO seems a highly rated mobo on here, but will I need something this high spec? i.e. if Sata 6 USB 3 aren't essential, then what is an alternative mobo that is good but comes in a bit cheaper?

Will the ATi 5770 be sufficient for gaming? I would like to play games (mostly FPS) but this will not be the main use of the system, so I dont want to spend too much money on the GPU if I can get away with it, but if I cant play the latest games its a waste of money. Maybe further down the line I will chuck another one in using crossfire, but will 5770 be ok for now?

I want to get 4GB RAM of a good make, but other than that I'm a bit confused as to which type will go with which motherboard. Other than getting DDR3 I'm not to sure what to look for. Is 1333MHz ok or will
I need 1600?

thanks a lot!


Intel Core i5-750 Quad Core 2.66GHz 8MB Processor £152.06

Asus S1156 Intel P55 DDR3 ATX A L (SATA 6GB, USB 3.0) P7P55D-E PRO £149.85

Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB 7200rpm SATA 3Gb/s 32MB £63.86

Sapphire Technology ATI Radeon 5770 HD 850Mhz 1GB PCI-Express HDMI £126.21

Corsair Memory 750W TX SERIES ATX £90.31

Corsair Memory DDR3 1333MHz 4GB kit of 2x240 pin DIMM"s, Unbuffer £94.65
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  1. ^ Very good setup...
    And Yes a HD 5770 will be able to play newer games at that resolution...Only in some games, you would have to set details to say Medium-High to get good framerates...So the 5770 would be a good option for your...
    And dont get that card...its the one with older fan runs hotter...
    These would be better...

    PSU -
    I would suggest this one...
    XFX 650W - It is modular, highly efficient and aslo the quality is comparable to the Corsair...and these can also power HD 5850 in crossfire...So 5770 should be no problem...As these are modular, cable management inside the case would be easy...

    RAM - Better memory cheaper...
  2. thanks for your reply.

    Any thoughts on motherboard selection?
    Is Sata 6 / USB 3 really necessary? I probably wouldn't upgrade my HD for a while, not sure what else uses SATA, and USB 2 is still fast.

    Is there a really good mobo that has fast PCI slots etc. but isn't the new Sata 6 / USB 3 so could save me some cash? Any suggestions?

    Are there any other benefits to getting the P7P55D-E PRO?
    Will I need 2 x PCIe 2.0 x16

  3. Have a look at the older version of the same board, same thing without the 3.0 features, 170$

    or if you don't mind micro ATX

    If you plan on going crossfire or SLI later than yes, you do need a board that supports 2 PCIe lanes @8...
  4. ^ +1

    If you want to have crossfire as an option, then you would need atleast 2 PCIe x16 slots operating at x8x8, which only those boards provide...

    If you dont want USB 3.0 support and wont go crossfire, then this board can do the job...
    Gigabyte UD3
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