Problems with new build

Hi everyone,
I am having problems with a computer i just put together specs are as follows:
i3 530
ocz gold pc3-12800 low voltage
biostar tp55
xfx 250 gts
coolermaster 500w

upon first boot, the system failed post then upon the second try it booted up and i installed windows fine. Later when i installed cpu-z i noticed that my ram was running underclocked at 1066mhz when it is rated at 1600, however the timings were something like 7-7-7-16 when they are rated at 8-8-8-24. i went into the bios and tryed to put everything at the correct specs, however after i tried the system did not post. i realize that in order to reach a ram speed of 1600, the cpu must be overclocked however i tried this and still to no avail. i even tried setting the timings to specs and the frequency to 1333 however this still didnt post. Anything i missed or are noobishly forgetting? please help and thanks
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  1. Pull one of your sticks of memory out and see how much Voltage is required for the ram, Then go into BIOS and see if the voltage being sent is insufficient to run the RAM at them timings and MHZ.
  2. Ok update.
    Tried the one stick of ram thing, same deal. Then my friend lent me some ram to see id it was the issue( and they run at 1333 with the right timings but the system was still failing post then restarting and passing every time so i reset the cmos and got "CMOS settings wrong"
    Any idea what i need to change?
  3. updated bios, went away all is good
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