Wireless Problem, need help!

Ok so I have come here because whenever I seem to have a problem with my computer, I normally end up in Toms Hardware forums with some awesome answers so I am hoping that someone can help me. I have scoured this site and many others for a fix to my problem, to no avail - hence the new post.

My Setup:

Windows 7 Ultimate (All new Updates)
Intel E6500 Dual Core
XfX 750i nForce motherboard

Wireless adapter:
MSI Super G 802.11BG Wireless Pci 64 Bit Compatible

All drivers and updates are the most recent and this set-up has worked splendidly up to today.

Ok so here is the story. I have been using this Wifi card without any problems for months. Even when I made the jump to 64 bit a few weeks ago it still worked great with an automatic update through device manager. Yesterday I wake my computer from sleep and it connects to the network as usual, but with an exclamation mark telling me I have limited connectivity. This isn't too extraordinary so I run the normal troubleshooter - no help.

Things I have done:

Reset Router
Run ipconfig release/renew
Tried a different network in my area, same ISP
Gone to work with a different ISP, same issue
Uninstalled and reinstalled card.
Tried a different wifi card (same model, but one I know works from another computer)
Put "non-working" adapter in other computer - works fine.
Run Winsockfix
Kicked my computer (joke.)
Restarted multiple times
Changed PCI Slots on the motherboard
Reset netsh stuff

Most of the time my computer is telling me the following things:

Unidentified Network
No Internet Access
I am connected
Packets uploading and downloading???

Here is a screen shot of my ipconfig /all

If you have ANY ideas I would love to hear them. Seeing as I just went through the hassle of reinstalling windows 64 bit I would prefer NOT to have to do it again...but will do that as a last resort.

Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this!
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  1. Actually your screenshot shows a perfectly configured PC and should be working. When you receive the message "limited connectivity", it usually means a DHCP request by your PC was unable to reach a DHCP server. Your PC must then assign itself an IP in the 169.254.x.x. range. That's a useless IP address for Internet access purposes, thus why it reports that message. But based purely on that snapshoot, your wireless adapter is functioning properly, at least it’s communicating w/ the router’s DHCP server and configuring itself properly (IP address = That suggests the router may be the problem. Did you try connecting the PC directly to the modem?
  2. Direct connection to the router was the first thing I was going to suggest. Everything does look kosher on the PC end.

    When you say you reset the router, did you just unplug it, or did you do a hard reset? Most routers have either a little red button, or some sort of recessed button you can poke with a pen or pin. If you hold it down for a few seconds you will see your lights go all flashy and it hard resets itself.

    Hope you can get something working!
  3. Thanks for the input. I did both a hard and a soft reset on my router, but as I mentioned - I brought this computer into my office which is a different ISP entirely and had the same problems. This leads me to believe it is not a network problem (my other computer has none of these issues)!

    I tried my network card in another computer and it worked fine so the card isn't the problem. I am so stumped!
  4. I am seriously considering reinstalling windows, but really don't want to as that means a LOT of program re-installation!
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