Nvidia to jump on ATI's DirectX 11 bandwagon

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  1. now they are talking that dx 11 is important...
  2. ^^ agreed, very hypocritical.
  3. Its just marketing
  4. Of course they're going to say DX11 is important. They never thought it was not important, they just simply said it in case they fail to integrate fermi. Since they expected themselves to release fermi at a much earlier schedule, they almost decided to completely abandon it. Now that the GPU can utilize DX11, it's only right to boast about it. I don't see how they're jumping on the bandwagon since it's almost an obligation for any future GPU to utilize the latest DirectX.
  5. But when they introduce fermi i think we will see more dx 11 games because Nvidia does have far superior marketing than ATI
  6. Even though ATI has the superior cards as of late.
  7. Quote:
    But when they introduce fermi i think we will see more dx 11 games because Nvidia does have far superior marketing than ATI

    I don't think NVIDIA's marketing will affect DX11 implementation since NVIDIA does not own DX11. Developers will use DX11 only if they want to. More DX11 games will come out simply because more time has elapsed. Games are still in development with DX11, some in the early stages which won't be out for another 2 years or more. It's not like when Fermi comes out a bunch of developers will start working and then bring out a title by the end of 2010. Games take 2-3 years to develop at a minimum, so all we'll see until at least 2011 is tacked-on-to-DX10 stuff.
  8. Already I've seen quite a few developers announce future DX11 games, so I am not too worried about adoption in the long run. And in the short run, most current DX11 games are/will just be hack jobs since the features were added at the last minute (and will likely do more harm than good). more games will come out with NVidia's cards, but that has more to do with NVidia being 6 months late than the developers being "inspired" into implementing DX11.
  9. i hate marketing trash
  10. It's only not important if we can't do it yet and totally important if we do it well hell even better then the rest. even if said thing is of little important.

    imo nvidia's PR makes nvidia gives the perception that nvidia has ego of a teenager.
  11. Nvidia releasing DX11 cards will certainly help it's adoption. They have a large market share and spending time and money on DX11 features wouldn't make sense for developer if only consumers with relatively new ATI card could use them.
  12. It's more like Microsofts bandwagon, since Microsoft decides just what DX 11 (and successive versions) is. Anyway, it's just nVidia marketing. It affects the same people who over pay for a pre built system like a desktop Dell XPS :p
  13. :/


    I like both nvidia and ati. I understand they both are trying to sell me a product and in doing so attempt to present themselves in a more positive light then their competitor. They have both made wonderful contributions to computer graphics. If they were here I would by them a beer.
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