Need help oc-ing my new system.

Here is my system:
I5 3750k 3.40 GHz
16 GB 2133 Ram
ATI HD 7950 3GB
ASRock Z77 Extreme4
CORSAIR CWCH60 Hydro Series H60 liquid cooling

I want to oc my CPU from 3.40 to around 4.0 if possible.
I know some people use Intel® Desktop Control Center to OC them.
This is my first time oc-ing the CPU so i'm not sure of what to do. I need to know everything before i OC the CPU to make it stable.

Thanks :)
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  1. It's generaly not a good idea to overclock through a Windows software program , those programs are not yet good enough to give reliable fixed overclocks. Your best option is to do your overclock in the bios , it's more tedious and time consuming but it's also the best way to do it and end up with a great stable overclock.
  2. To go from 3.4 ghz to 4.o ghz will be very easy to do and should take you very little time , you should also not have to add any voltage at all and be able to do the overclock by just using the cpu ratio.
    Your motherboard may even have some perset overclocks where all you do is to go into cpu level up or any similar sounding option ( every MB has thier own term for it) in an Asus board it's called cpu level up. In the option you have several preset speeds to choose from and whichever one you chose the settings are already to go and you just click on the speed, then save and reset and your there.
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