For 1600x900 HD monitor, would the nVidia Geforce 260 GTX be good to play high

For my 1600x900, to play the top of the line games, which graphics card would be best to play games like Crysis, Dirt 2 and such, games that have realistic life to them?
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  1. A gtx 260 / hd 4870 / hd 5770 will be fine with at 1600x900. If you want to spend alittle more money then get a hd 4890 / hd 5830 / gtx 275.
  2. Yes. but--are you purchasing new? If so an ATI 5770 would be a better option.

    Its cheaper, newer technology that will run cooler, use less energy, and offer direct x 11 support.
  3. Newegg has the Sapphire Vapor-X HD5770 1GB HDCP PCI-E Video Card for $154.99

    Free Shipping after rebate and $10 Coupon Code: VGA114A (Exp 1/21).
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