Can't change voltage values or iGPU multiplier in BIOS after update

I can't change the voltage in the BIOS on my Z77 GD-55 + 3570k after upgrading the BIOS to v1.4 (I was on 1.1 even though I got the board this month :??: ) thinking that it would solve my issues, nope instead of not being able to OC iGPU I now can't change any CPU related voltages.

I managed to get to 4.5Ghz/1.20v stable with 1.1 but my BIOS would crash, so I updated and now I have a different problem :fou:
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  1. Hey man, i've got the same board and chip and I've just updated to the same bios as you (1.4) from 1.1

    I can't change my voltages either. Did you find a fix for it mate?

    - Jake
  2. use + or ... OR just start typing a value with the field selected. It's stupid and arkward but hey at least it works.
  3. I am new to OC'ing having just built a rig with an Asus P8Z77-V mobo and an i7 3770k cpu. I had previously overclocked on TurboV EVO to what prime95 deemed stable at 4.5 GHz with a cpu voltage of 1.240 (Vcore of 1.3V under stress test). Stupidly I decided to try an auto tune to extreme on TurboV EVO to see what it did. It crashed the system badly and forced me into the BIOS where it had made unknown saves to it. I am now getting 4.3GHz at cpu voltage 1.285 which was much worse than my own overclock.
    I too have now tried changing the voltage in BIOS to no avail. Please let me know if there is a fix to this and whether I should reset the BIOS to its original state and how best to do this.
    Many thanks!
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