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hi folks!
having squeezed a couple of 4870's into my P182 case, and evacuated the centre hard drive bay to
promote a healthy movement of air over the hot little beasts from the front fan i need additional hard
drive space. i have a single h/d in the bottom bay but at 33 degrees, i'd rather not put in a second one.
antec will deliver a 5.25/3.5" adaptor for 29 euros; about 25% of the cost of a new case!!! i think that
is excessive. i have been looking at the Startech adaptor but can't see that it would fit
any experience/ideas for solution please?
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  1. I put a HDD in the FDD mount on my Antec P-160 (of course I no longer need the FDD). It cost nothing!
  2. Do not worry about cooling the hard drives in the lower bay. They will get all the cooling air they need.
  3. thanx guys for the input; the trouble is this case is not made
    for two long cards with 4x 6-pin pci-e power cables stuck in the end.
    the floppy drive has already been commandeered for the purpose
    of losing the length of these cables..perfect for the job.
    as for the bottom bay, i don't have the space for the centre fan and
    the current drive is running about ten degrees hotter than the one
    i took out of the centre h/d mount, so, not much cooling available there.
    i shall have to think of something else or buy a beautiful new P193...
    tough call eh?
    thanx again
  4. they would be helped with the inbuilt fans they have.
  5. cisco sfp said:
    they would be helped with the inbuilt fans they have.

    thanx for the input cisco; have since managed to buy an Antec adaptor at a much better price! so problem over...(pity, i would have liked to waste some cash on a bigger case :ange:
  6. Ok then so you got your own solution.
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