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hey guys i really need help at my computer i really fucked up in the boot seems that my Drive C turned into Drive D....It happens when i tried to test an old Hard Drive when i hooked it up on my PC after that i tried to install a Windows XP Sp3 on that drive but then the hard drive failed on the installation process and now When i boot i can boot to the original HDD that i have and it just turned D into C...the old HDD is fine now cause i hook it to another PC now the problem is my original HDD wont boot because it turned into DRive D i need help guys and also i put the windows XP cd on the Original HDD and try to Delete the drive C because it said that its System Reserve and now it just wont do i fix it? or any idea how to change the drive Letters?
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  1. but the hard drive that has in it had windows 7 install and i dont want to get it formated
  2. did you try repair with the win 7 dvd only with this drive on the mobo
  3. Windows 7 Forums has a step by step W7 Repair install here. Be careful, the article is about one screen down the page - you do not need to download anything on the page.
    You will need your original W7 installation disk or thumb drive.
    There are a lot of steps, but t easier than a XP Repair install.
  4. @treefrog07 good link i learn something with it
  5. scout_03 said:
    @treefrog07 good link i learn something with it

    google is our friend (most of the time)
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