The bigger upgrade?

Whats the bigger upgrade, 9800gt to gts250 or gts250 to gtx260? how many % of performance are in between those cards?
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  1. the 260 would be the best just look at the process 260 has 216 . I would go with Ati at the moment bang for buck get the 5770
  2. ^ what he said right now ati is destroying Nvidia right now
  3. ^
    you guys didn't answer my question :) im not looking for a video card right now. im just wondering about my question.
  4. So there is no practical reason for your question?

    They are pretty similar between increases actually. That is my gut response. a gts250 is basically a 9800GTX. The difference between each example is marginal, but not extreme.

    You should be asking questions that will actually help you. You could answer this question yourself by looking at performance reviews.
  5. The reason is for added knowledge, through this i could probably answer another person's question in the future. I could research over the net but that would take time. If someone here already knows the answer, then asking would be a faster way right? Answering a short question like this, when you already know the answer won't burn a calorie. It's not like I'm asking someone to do the research for me.
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