ECS IC780M-A2 vs M2N-SLI

I'm currently using my AM3 x2 250 on a M2N-SLI board, that is AM2, DDR2, and HT1.0. I'm building my brother a budget gaming computer with an AM2 4400+, and in shopping I found a bundle that would include the motherboard ECS IC780M-A2 for only $20! Should I let him use my M2N-SLI, and take the ECS IC780M-A2 so that my AM3 cpu can benefit from the HT3.0? I would lose the future ability to sli my 9800gt, and probably be switching to a much more basic, yet newer mobo. Is it worth the HT3.0?
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  1. The change to the ECS mobo means that u also need buy DDR3 RAM since DDR2 don't fit in AM3 mobos. Do u have money for the new RAM?
  2. Good point, sorry I forgot to mention that my brother can re-use my ddr2 ram, and I found ddr3 ram that is cheaper than buying more ddr2 ram for his build, so yeah it would actually save me a few bucks in that aspect.
  3. Well u are changing from MSI to ECS the 1st one is very good manufacturer but the 2nd one isn't in my list u can take the risk and in the future change the mobo for a better one.
  4. ASUS, but yeah your right good brand to shitty brand. That's why im wondering if its even worth it for the extra FSB (1000MHz vs 4000MHz i think). Because for the same exact price i can just get my brother his own am2 board, and keep this board.
  5. If u are right with the current mobo I'd not change it. Save the money for future upgrade to Bulldozer the next year.
  6. well either way im going to spend the same amount of money on the case/mobo combo. i can either get an am2 for my brother and keep my am2, or get an am3 and give my brother my am2. so its like i have a free option to switch to the ECS.
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    The AM2+ to AM3 mobo change plus DDR3 is good the bad think is the ASUS change to ECS.
  8. well i hope i found a better alternative. i found a newegg combo for about the same price and chose this motherboard: BIOSTAR TA785 A2+. The board has so few reviews so it was hard to tell, but from my research Biostar seems to have a good reputation with stability and overclocking, and their website has a bios update that says support f6 unlocking function, so im guessing this board can unlock out of the box.

    Please let me know what you think.
  9. BIOSTAR is the number six or seven in my mobo list some are good some aren't I'm still prefer a old school ASUS that a new crap mobo.
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