Can 5770 run mw2 on full settings

i usually get errors that say direct x 11 has crashed when playing modern warfare 2 with max settings and a resolution of 1440x900
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  1. I have the 5770 and also run in 1440x900 with no problems. Latest ati drivers and win7. My proc is c2d 8400. Try updating everything. Never had any problems. Good luck
  2. Definitely. Get a decent dual core or better yet, a Quad Core and then get 4GB of RAM and you'll be really loving it. :)

    This means the problem is somewhere in your side, get your temps check, drivers updated etc.
  3. Need more info here, list the rest of your system: CPU, RAM, PSU.
    On that resolution, your 5770 usually can max out MW2 with easy(depend on the other components as well)... :)
  4. corsair 1000w
    uhh 4gb ddr3 1066mhz ram
    phenom II x4 925 (i think) 2.8ghz
  5. btw is there anyone i can update anything on my cpu if thats the problem?
  6. 5770 shd work fine with dat config...check out fr driver updates
  7. Would I be able to max MW2 out with these specs?

    ATI 5770
    4gb RAM
    Windows 7 64bit
    Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6GHz
  8. Which 2.6ghz Core2duo? There are many flavors.
  9. nrnx said:
    Which 2.6ghz Core2duo? There are many flavors.

  10. I play MW2 and my computer works grate all settings maxed out
    CPU LGA775 Q9650
    RAM 8 GB DDR2 800
    GPU MSI R4850 1G2D0C
    HDD WD 500GB black
    OS Win7 Home p 64bit
    and an antec 200 case
    not OC no problem & its fast and furius

    would like to own an I5 or I7 but its in the works
  11. The 5770 will do fine on MW2.
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