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Hey Folks,

I just recently built a pc with the GA-880GMA-UD2H and have it in my office hooked up to a small monitor via DVI and my 2.1 pc speakers.

Now, instead of buying an HTPC I ran an HDMI cable to my television and when I select the proper input I get picture on my TV but no sound. What gives? I'm running Win 7 but have also tried Ubuntu so I don't think it's a driver issue. What the heck is going on ??? I've seached google like mad. Oh and I can't update the bios to F4a because the exe on their site is garbage. I'm pretty sure this is the last Gigabyte mobo I would ever buy.

Please help me with my HDMI problem :)
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  1. 1- U can use the @BIOS utility to update the BIOS without problems
    2- Do u see some yellow alert or exclamation in the device manager?
  2. - @bios tells me there is no update and I must download from the website. The site gives me an exe that does not work.

    - There are no issues so far in device manager but when I go tocontrol panel>sounds/harware I can not choose it as default (it's greyed out) and says Realtek ATI hdmi not plugged in
  3. 1- When u download the BIOS file for the update, the .exe that comes with that file never works u need make a booteable drive with the files that u downloaded and update the BIOS with that booteable drive.

    2- Do u can hear music or other stuffs with the normal speakers?
  4. -oh rly? ok I guess I will give that shot. I'll just use a RW cd or something, turning a usb drive to a bootable has always been a b*tch for me

    - yup all the sound was fine out of my normal speakers. And when i plugged in the hdmi while the music was playing, the video switched over to the TV but the audio stayed on the pc speakers back in the office
  5. Update the BIOS 1st and let me know if that works.
  6. It's is NOT a BIOS issue, it's a sound configuration issue.

    See page 20 of manual -

    "After installing the HDMI device, make sure the default device for sound playback is the HDMI device. (The item name may differ by operating system. The following screen is from Windows
    • Please note the HDMI audio output only supports AC3, DTS and 2-channel-LPCM formats. (AC3 and DTS require the use of an external decoder for decoding."

    In other words, if playback of a DVD is using Dolby 5.1/7.1/etc or DTS you might hear nothing. A possible fix to this example is change the DVD playback to "Stereo/2 channel."

    footnote: considering what I've read, the OP should not update their BIOS; the "fix" was for ET6 "Easy Tuner 6" ~ and my recommendation is never to use ANY Gigabyte utility anyway.
  7. to late I just updated :(

    Anyway I do not get any sound at all...from windows "chimes" or winamp or anything. Well the music I play through winamp is mp3 and I do believe mp3 is compressed.

    None the less in the audio devices manager it shows as not connected so I can't play DTS or AC3 if it's not connected anyway.

    I updated the bios and it still is broken. I tested the cable using ps3 and the cable is fine FYI
  8. Did you change the Default Sound output? select Start>Control Panel>Sound, select Realtek HDMI Output and then click Set Default.
  9. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So here is the solution after getting off the phone with Gigabyte. First make sure you have the bios set to d-sub/hdmi...that may not matter if you have it set to auto but to be on the safe side change to hdmi

    The important thing is I unplugged the DVI cable from the back of my monitor FIRST and then plugged in the hmdi cable and found nothing. I rebooted and viola! shows as plugged in...I then change audio to default... boom boom boom boom goes my living room!!!

    he said you can't have 2 digital devices. I may switch to VGA instead of dvi unless vga is considered digital as well??
  10. thanks to all who helped me
  11. Glad to hear your finally "enjoying!"

    Yeah, the {Simultaneous output for DVI-D and HDMI is not supported.} page 20. My take was the process fully initialized the HDMI.

    Good luck!
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