Missing half hard drive

cant find my other half of the hard drive.

I had a hard drive(1000gb) that was cut in half (c: 500gb and d: 500gb) and i decided to get myself a ssd hard drive(120gb) for the os and use the old hard drive for a slave or storage.
so i formatted the c: drive (it had the os) and installed the os on the ssd.

now i see the ssd as the c: drive(Like i had planed) but the old c: drive is missing, i still have the d: drive but the other half of the hard drive that i formatted isn't there anymore.

why cant i see or use the half of the old hard drive and how do i fix it?

Excuse me for my bad English.
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  1. Go into disk management. Locate the missing partition, right-click it and assign it a letter. Now it will show up properly.
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