I have a Zalman CNPS8000A and Thermaltake V1. The Zalman is currently on an AMD rig and I want to make use of my Thermaltake cooler which I pulled from a C2D system. Being that it was made for LGA775 the bracket holes don't line up with my i5 but since the Zalman is going to stay on the AMD rig, I was thinking of using its LGA1155 brackets on the Thermaltake to put on my 2500K, is there any reason this wouldn't work? The screws holding the leg brackets to the cooler appear to line up with the Zalman ones.
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    if the cooler's clips make a solid connection (no easier to remove than with the normal clips) then i think you should be alright with the zalman bracket
  2. There are no rules , if it works do it. If it's too loose then you won't get good heat transfer.
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