I'm not allowed to mix brands of memory!?

I have 2gb of Patriot DDR2 6400 (2x1gb) in my M2N-SLI, and I just purchased another 2gb of Kingston DDR2 6400 (2x1gb). When I added the new Kingston memory to my system I got and powered up, Windows starts to load and then I get a very quick blue screen that says physical memory dump at the bottom, and then the computer shuts off.

I decided to test the new Kingston memory by itself, and it worked fine, and as soon as I tried adding the Patriot memory back in, the same thing happened, physical memory dump and crash.

What's going on here? I'm not allowed to mix brands?
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  1. Does the kingstone model have same timings and voltage ?
  2. I just realized the patriot was rated at 2.2v and the kingston was rated 1.8. i changed the voltage in bios to manual 1.8v, but still the same thing happened. I think maybe if i set it to 1.8 with only one set in, then get it running, then put in the second one, but it sucks everytime it dumps i have to restore my computer because after that it wont start again (windows loads then black screen) so its getting annoying
  3. yes it does work by itself. i haven't tried switching the voltage to 1.8 on one set of ram individually, restarting, then adding the other set. all i did was put in both sets and set the voltage to 1.8, and it crashed and i had to restore :/ i guess i should try, i just got frustrated with restoring
  4. That is a good suggestion, thanks. is it a lot better to not fill up the capacity of ram slots?
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