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I have just got all the parts to build a new computer, I have purchased a Gigabyte GA-8I945PM-RH 775 Dual Core Motherboard, Intel Pentium D 2.8 (Dual Core) Processor, DDR2 2GB, and a Asus EAH4350 512MB Graphics card (ATi), all hooked up to a 500w PSU, i have connected everything properly time and time again, checked all connections, and whenever i start the computer with VGA plugged into a 17" CRT Monitor, I get no signal whatsoever, no boot no login nada, same with the DVI input and the HDMI input, both DVI and HDMI are linked to a Toshiba Regza 32" tv. I can't think what could be wrong, i've tried the mobo battery thing, to no avail. Ideas anyone?
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  1. Also, I can't tell if the Graphics Card is actually working at all as I purchased the Silent version with just the heatsink, but when i first tried it earlier, the screen flickered each time i hit the power button but then just goes back to no signal, please reply if anyone has an idea whats wrong, i really need an answer otherwise i may have just bought a load of components that don't work! lol damn me for being an enthusiast!
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