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I have a k9n2 platinum sli board currently running a 9650 phenom. I do not wish to replace this motherboard as money is an issue. I have been eyeballing the 940 Daneb and the 9950 black for an upgrade. The MSI site says the mobo does not support phenom II yet I see other people using the 940 Daneb with this board. I've also read people take a hyper transport performance hit if they go with the phenom II's on an am2+ board. Any suggestions?
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  1. Scroll down the list: All Phenom II and Athlon II processors are supported. I would recommend getting the 955.
    Don't forget to update your bios first.
  2. That is for the K9N2 diamond, very similar to the k9n2 platinum but is slightly newer version. I flashed the bios last month so it is up to date, would still like to know for sure if it is capable.
  3. Strange I found another list on the msi site that says it does support phenom II's. Question still remains, will I take a huge hit in ht bus speed?
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    I'd personally take the risk and return it if it doesn't work. A hit on the bus speed will make no difference.
  5. Agreed. I called MSI to make sure and they gave me the thumbs up on the PII 965. Hung up the phone and ordered one.
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