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I'm thinking of liquid cooling my entire system due to copious amounts of heat being generated by my system. My system is as follows:
I want to liquid cool ram, gpu, cpu, etc. I'm wondering what my risks are and if it's worth it. Currently my temps are at around 60C on idle and 90C while having load, like a game. I also want some suggestions for a system I should use to liquid cool all of these parts of my PC.

EDIT: I am also going to be upgrading from a 660TI to a 760TI 2 Way SLI when they come out.
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    Have you read the watercooling sticky yet? Please read through that first, as it'll answer a lot of your questions and you definitely want to know this stuff before getting into the process.

    I also wouldn't suggest cooling the RAM, it just adds unnecessary restriction to your loop with little measurable performance gains. The only reason I'm not saying the same for the motherboard is because that chipset is prone to getting warm from what I've heard.
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  3. You have the wrong ram for that cpu and motherboard , you have triple channel ram and you want quad channel ram to go with the 2011 socket.
    You have the Thermaltake cpu liquid cooler already and that should be doing a good job of cooling the cpu. The HAF-X case has a huge assortment of fans and you should be able to get the inside temps low in that case. Are you using the video card shroud with a seperate fan inside it?
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