Is 8 Channel Audio necessary?

I was wondering if 8 Channel audio is necessary if I'm just using a Creative speaker set with a subwoofer and headphones. What does 8 Channel audio provide over 6 channel?

I was wondering cause I'm planning to do a major upgrade and get a new mobo between these two.
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    No it's not necessary with your sound outputs. 8 channel is 7.1 and 6 channel is 5.1, where the ".1" is the subwoofer.
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  3. Tyvm for the quick response. I chose the one with 6 channel cause I don't think I'll be doing any surround sound in the near future :D
  4. You're welcome. I had the 2.1 speakers like you do, and added some cheap 2.0 speakers to the rear spkr jack - then I was able to select surround sound. Just something you may want to think about for the future.
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