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I have a Bios update that I need to apply to an older laptop that is now running Win7 32, and the manufacturer(Acer) provided a flash utility with instructions "Run flash utility in Windows Mode". I have been around computers for quite awhile but not sure what they mean by "Windows mode". I also spent alot of time last night googling it and did not come up with a clear answer. I gues this is the way the manufacturer wants you to pay for tech support, with very vague instructions on how to install something as important as a Bios update. Its an older laptop(2005) so it doesn't have the newer built in flash update in the Bios.
When they say "Windows Mode" are they meaning safe mode, booting to the MS-dos prompt via a bott disk, or running command line within windows or something else. Sinde we are talking about a Bios update, I want to make sure I understand completely. The flash update is an exe file along with a data file. If someone could give me some guidance so I don't toast my laptop, I would appreciate it. I need to use this update to fix some incompatibilities with Win7 and S3.(hopefully)

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  1. Does the file have anything that may indicate if the flash is using winflash? Winflash is a utility that allows flashing the BIOS while you are in windows vs. booting to a dos-based utility after POST. I have used winflash successfully, but prefer the dos-based flash utility.
  2. It does use winflash - "flash32.exe" and an "*.sph" file. So where do I run it from??
  3. Windows. I save the file in the documents section. You will need to disable any firewalls in the control panel and any boot block settings if your bios uses them. Price a replacement board before flashing. Then you may decide it's not worth the risk.
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