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Greetings all mighty tech gurus of the internet. I'm here to ask for help as I suppose many others are. My current situation is this, I want to install Windows Xp Media center or professional on a computer but I don't have the boot discs and well the computer has been extremely corrupted.

I tried installing malware bytes and that won't go through, this is an older computer from 05 and other OS's have been installed over it's native one(Media Center Edition). I have the product key for the media center edition and a spare XP professional one. I manged to grab an ISO of media center but during installation it reboots but fails to continue the installation.

So my question is, is there a way around this or would I have to snatch an XP disc off e-bay or something? Thanks in advance.
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  1. Ok if the computer is failing to boot from the hard drive after the 1st restart required in the installation you either have bad installation media or a bad hard drive. At work I user either MHDD or seatools to test hard drives, but if you don't have access to another computer to download and burn boot disks for a diag program then you won't be able to test your drive. If the drive tests good then I would try burning the disks again because you may have gotten a bad burn or downloaded a bad .iso.
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