MSI 570 vs Asus 560ti

So a Friend just bought the an Msi GTX570 and we are looking to oc the best we can without increasing voltage. it a bit, Now i have been looking around and it seems like most people are only getting about 850-900mhz and 2000 memory clock that is odd to me because i Have my Asus 560ti at 975 and 2300 stock voltage and i run it with no errors ever? why can my card run fast yet the "step up" card cant?
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  1. Every gpu and cpu will overclock differently , there re always microscopic differences in each core that makes each cpu and gpu different.
    You and your friend could go to the store and both buy the very same video card , brand and model then get home and start overclocking your cards. Each of you will end up with a different overclock and your friend may get the good overclocker and you may not and be 50 mhz below him. That's the way it is with these chips.
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