HUGE fps fluctuation for no reason

im using 2 4870x2 in my system thats a core i7950.

most games run great.
I am noticing however massive fluctuation in fps during gameplay. The game is far cry 2, updated to the latest patch and using the latest ati drivers.
I am walking through the field or what not and the scene doesnt change at all but I go from 110 fps to 40 and back up..
no action on screen, just walking around the environment..

what would cause such a massive fluctiation?

I would expect a fluctuation in fps when theres more to render, but then again with 2 4870x'2 to see a 120-40 fps drop in a matter of seconds with nothing more to render seems strange?

im running a higher res 2048x1152 as well..

im guessing its the software, meaning the game not the drivers..

crysis does the same thing ..AS does avatar...

games that dont or didnt are batman, wolfenstein, bioshock, borderands, fear 2..etc
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  1. Maybe your choice of games do not scale too well with a Quad GPU setup.
  2. according to ati, the gpu's are there and are only used when they are needed..
    Im not actually using all 4 gpu's at once..
  3. Maybe it is accessing the hard drive to load map data and textures for the enviroment.
  4. Some games don't like Quad/Dual GPU setups.
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