Any Cooling Blocks?

I've been looking for a 660ti cooling block for the past 3 hours and can't seem to find one, it seems like they haven't even been invented yet. Are there any out on the market yet?
Thanks in advance,
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  1. Apparently the PCB design is the same as the 670, so 670 blocks are compatible. Head over to and try putting in your GPU to see what I mean. If it shows up as reference design than any 670 block should work.

    Hope this helps
  2. And you can always use universal blocks with heatsinks for Vram
  3. Does that mean I can mix my copper fittings with Nickel+Acetate?

    Also I have a G1. Assassin 2 if that changes anything.
  4. I have some nickel fittings and all copper blocks with no problems, the only nickel I'd say to avoid is EK Nickel,
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