Core i7 system PSU help!!!

hey guys,

After 3 years of usage, my power supply blew up one day also burning out my rams and Mother board.
so im now planning on building a new rig.

Core i5-650 3.2ghz (dual core, 4MB Cache) with HT
Intel® Desktop Board DH55HC
Invida Gforce 7300GS 256MB DDR2
250GB HDD (old hard from previous rig)

My question is would my current 450W psu be enough to run the above system?
The sales person tells me that a 450W wouldn't be enough and that i would have to purchase a new "ORIGINAL real 450-500W" psu, which would cost me between $50 - $120 (depending on the brand), which is way outta my budget.

My current psu is a Mercury 450W psu that i purchased from a dealer for $160 w/ 1 yrs warranty.
Below are the readings from my psu...

+12V -12V +5V +3.3V +5VSB
18A 0.5A 30A 21A 1.5A

ATX 1.3 ATX 12V

Please could anyone help me and tell me if this would be enough to run my system, i would be mainly using it for video editing and a little bit of 3DS MAX. and mayb a weee little bit of gaming. (i'm not an avid gamer).

Is there a possibility of my psu blowing up hence burning out my mobo or processor, etc?

Please help

Thanks in advance.
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    Well, In theory it might with a low power motherboard. But i would definitely not recommend it. With that system maybe aim for a 600W/700W power supply by a quality PSU company (Corsair/OCZ/Gigabyte) doing this will leave you for your GPU or whatnot upgrades later on.
  2. that would mean a good $50 dollars or more... sigh... :(
    also just curious, in case of my psu not being enough, what would happen,? would it blow up? or would it just freeze and shut down?
  3. Well depending on whats dragging the PSU down it could freeze or just power off.
    I've actually built a couple of i5 builds with Generic 500W power supplies that run with out a hitch, but i think you should atleast aim for a higher wattage and amperage power supply.
  4. my budget is the only thing holding me back...
    on one final note... i know its a stupid question, but would i be able to run the pc with my existing generic 450W if i refrain from gaming?
  5. Hmm, Probably not.
    Listen, The only thing that is really holding you back is that motherboard. Go with a smaller, power saving efficient motherboard and see if it can run on a 400W power supply.

    But i would seriously suggest that you go for a higher wattage power supply.
  6. thats the only cheapest motherboard we have in my country :(
    i guess il just have to save a little more. its just that in my country computer peripherals are very expensive. the core i5 650 processor costs 27000LKR that's $235... :(
    so every peripheral here is a good $50 more than back there is the US.
    thanks alot... really really appreciate the help and opinion. :D
  7. ive been googling for the past two days abt this issue. ur response has most definitely helped me. so thanks once again.
  8. Hey loshba,

    I have two questions:

    First--is this 450w new? Where did it come from? Can you return it? Its not the wattage that's your problem as your system has relatively low demands-- its the amperage of that PSU.

    Second--I think the real issue here is if you plan to upgrade your GPU in the future. Do you plan to get a big graphic card, or just stick with something midrange? If your next graphic card is even somewhat energy efficient you shouldn't need to go above 500w.

    What retailer are you looking at? do they have a website? maybe I can help. The highest quality PSU brands are Corsair, Antec, OCZ, Seasonic... If it were from one of these brands a 400-500w unit would handle your system just fine.

    See how cheaply you can find a Corsair 400cx that is probably one of the least expensive models I would recommend.
  9. answering ur questions...

    1. Yes, this psu is a new one, i purchased it abt 2 months ago when my old one burnt off, but i haven't used it yet. Its a Mercury 450W made in China, purchased from a Mercury store in my Country, Sri Lanka. It came with a 1year warranty. So a return is only possibly if it gets busted within a year.

    2. I have no intention of upgrading my VGA card in the near future, cos like i said I am not an avid gamer, so i wouldn't spend over $50 on a vga. I'd most likely buy RAMs for that price instead of a VGA.
    But maybe in the future, in a year or more I would upgrade to a less expensive VGA that is slightly better than my current 7300GS.
    But ofcourse if I am going to do futher upgrades to the VGA then YES I would most definitely buying a better psu.

    But since my budget is very low, I will not be doing any further upgrades anytime soon. And If I am to do upgrades, then I would first be buying a better psu.

    But until then, my ultimate problem is, is my current Generic 450W psu enough to run my above mentioned system. (I wouldn't be doing any upgrades til a little over a year.)
  10. oops sorry I noticed that I have repeated myself more than once.. sorry, all this PC thing is stressing me out. :D
  11. I'm not happy with your PSU quality, but I think you would be ok with the 450w. Intel's new processors don't really have high power requirements.. You are probably at just as much danger of it failing because its just crap quality as you are it not being strong enough.

    Read this and decide for yourself..,2122.html
  12. Thanks alot, for the link, very helpful i must say, im reading it rite now.
    One last thing...What would happen if the psu hasnt got the necessary wattage.?

    1. Would the power supply blow/burn up.
    2. If it blows up, would it burn/affect the main board, processor or ram.
    3. Would the PC just freeze/restart/shutdown.
  13. it wont blow up, but it could burn up/take the motherboard with it. Most likely it would just shutdown, but you cant be certain. When you try it monitor your temps closely.

    Hopefully someone else jumps in here soon and breaks the tie between me and idejason up there. I would feel more comfortable telling you to try it if someone else agreed with me
  14. Haha, You are correct deadlockedworld.
    Intel Core i5 can run on a 450W power supply but it a high quality one.

    I brought a power supply that was a quality 450W powersupply for like $70, Good 550W power supplies sometimes go for about $70.
    So bottom line, If you want the system to run without a hitch, Pay a little extra for a higher wattage power supply.
  15. hey guys...sorry abt the delay. my internet was down, just got it fixed.

    just abt to purchase my new rig today...
    the core i5 750.

    now as for the power supply, I have narrowed mine down to two choices.
    a Cooler Master and a Seasonic.

    COOLER MASTER eXtreme Power Plus RS-500-PCAR-A3 500W

    Seasonic SS650HT

    Which wud u guys suggest? even on the long run for further vga upgrades?

    Thanks in advance... again
  16. Well,The seasonic price is not available at the moment, But if your going to stick with that Low Profile graphics card for a fair while and not upgrade to a power consuming card, Then go with the Coolermaster because its in your price range. However the Seasonic is a 650W which leaves you for plenty of upgrades to your PC later on.
  17. Coolermaster is not a good power supply brand and is not a good long-run choice.

    Seasonic is a good choice.

    Like I said before the more reliable PSU brands are Corsair, Antec, OCZ, Seasonic... If it were from one of these brands a 500w unit would handle your system and any upgrades you get just fine.

    I strongly recommend the OCZ 500w, the Corsair 450w(it has very high amperage for a 450w), or an Antec 500-550.

    This one is a great deal if you are looking to save money-
  18. *** ing FAST :)

    Thanks alot u guys.. twas very helpful, Now i know where id be hitting incase of desperate times (tomshardware) thanks a mil once again.
  19. i gotta agree with the "but ..." at the end of EVERY one of these posts. "but, you should really get a better power supply than anything you've suggested" OCZ, Corsair, etc are going to be much higher quality; all power is not created equal. A generic or low-quality brand may have the same number of watts but will not perform nearly as well.

    also, i want to encourage you to go with 650W or higher, going with only 500W will mean that just about any upgrade you want to make will also require a new PSU, better to buy a good one now and not have to buy another in the near future.
  20. oh crap... i typed a big cmmented... but looks like only the end has been posted...

    I purchased the following today.

    Intel Core i5 750
    Intel Motherboard DP55WB
    Kingston 2GB DDR3 1333mhz (will be upgrading to a 4GB in amonth or two)
    Nvidia Geforce 7300GS 256MB (will be upgrading later on)
    Samsung 250GB HDD (my old hdd, will be purchasing a 500GB next month)
    Seasonic SS650HT 80Plus 650W PSU

    I bought the seasonic 650W for abt USD$122 with 3 years warranty. I didnt wanna spend soo much on a psu, as i cud hv purchased a 4GB Ram and a 500GB HD instead. But finally ended up buuyin the seasonic.

    The Ram doesnt work on 2 of the 4 slots. so il be goin to exchange it from the stores this monday. And apart from that im running on XP, as my windows 7 is coming on Monday. But as of now, the PC works fast. Have to try the performance on some video editing.

    So thanks all u guys for helping me out with the PSU... twas a great help. thanks a mil u guys. TOMSHARDWARE all the way.
  21. No problem. That sounds like a great new system!

    You wont regret getting the Seasonic-- it will be very energy efficient and cool.
  22. ya well so far it runs well. I know its just been only 24hrs. so its too soon to comment. But the seasonic psu works without producing any sound. :) i only hope it doesnt blow up for any odd reason. (knowing me, I seem to always attract bad luck) :D

    Now if only someone can donate me a few hundred dollars. il be on my way to a 4GB ram :D he he
  23. Sorry wrong msg guys .
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