Graphics slow down when app. window is not selected

Whenever I have two programs, say Second Life and FireFox, bother windowed apps, while switching between the two, the other program's fps slows down considerably. I'm not sure if this is an ati catalyst or windows issue, but I've been searching for a solution to this issue for some time with no success. Rundown on specs: ati 4850 and 4890 in xfire, 9gigs ram, i7 chip on windows vista. thank you.
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  1. You just reminded me, I to have such an issue when i have two Eve Online apps in windowed mode open. Tho it only seems to be the first windowed game I open and never the second. Windows Vista 64 bit. 9.12 CCC on HD 4870 and 5870 when I upgraded. (both monitors pluged into one card)
  2. mmm sounds like a lovely setup you have there *drool* I got a reply on the ati forum stating it is vista that does that, windows 7 apparently does not put programs on the back burner as vista does. I've been tryin so hard to get a smooth video capture setup for second life, have settled for fraps, but whenever i use it, it slows SL down EXACTLY like it does when u switch to another app window. I know it isn't from just writing to the HD, so it seems to be a windows issue.. Is there any way to fix this anyone? setting priority and tweaking with affinity settings in task manager doesn't seem to have any effect. thanks in advance
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