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5770 stuttering?

i recently got a xfs 5770 video card. expecting to have a great time playing games.... and to my suprise its worse then my nvidia 8600 gts card.

when using photoshop the windows and graphics lag and stutter making it impossible to do anything.

i bought this card to play gta iv and on this site i found i should be getting about 40 fps and i get 15. :fou:

anyone have an idea on a way to get what i should out of this card? :cry:

and as an fyi,

i just reinstalled vista so its a fresh install
driver version 8.681-091124a-092499c-ati
catalyst version 9.12


vista ultimate 64 bit
AMD Phenom 9600 Agena 2.3GHz
MSI KA780G motherboard
ETASIS ET750 True 750W
Kingston HyperX 4GB
XFX HD-577A-ZNFC Radeon HD 5770 (Juniper XT) 1GB

the settings on gta iv are..
1280x960 60hz
everything on medium
view distance of 13
detail distance of 63
it says my resource usage is 328/1010mb
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    whoever told you to expect 40fps in GTA4 with a phenom processor was very misinformed.

    the game is heavily CPU dependent, and the orignal phenoms were not very good processors.

    a CPU upgrade would certainly ease the bottleneck in your system.
  2. any suggestions of a better gaming cpu for my board?

    maybe this one?
  3. yes that would be a very good upgrade.

    just double check the board manufacturers website that its compatible with am3 chips (it should be, most are).

    if it is, it would be a very good upgrade.
  4. is there anything i can do in the mean time?

    i was going to upgrade to this with income tax ...

    im new to the gaming side of computer building so sorry if i ask stupid questions, but i assume these componants would help?
  5. yes they would, the phenom II 965 is a great processor, and having a newer MOBO would help with OCing and general performance.
  6. thanks for the help hopefully that will get rid of this lag i can not even do missions :fou:
  7. NP

    unfortunately, GTA4 is a poorly coded game that doesn't run well on low-end gear. GL though.
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