Super awesome fun fact: Am3 cpu works in am2 board!

I just stuffed my new Regor 2.8ghz Am3 into a Am2 Asus M2A-VM 690gx based board (with out the latest bios even!). I just wanted to post because I had read many times on these forums that this was not possible because am3 cpu's were not compatible with Am2 mobo's. This is completely false, as it started on the first try with all cpu setting's auto detected correctly on 2 year old bios. Of course I updated my bios immediately after I had successfully posted but that is beyond the point. I hope this clears up any questions to anyone who had be told otherwise. Am3 cpu's for all!! :D

I'm way stoked as I was trying to upgrade from a Athlon Xp 2800+ on Via kt400 on a super tight budget. Got that mobo for $10 w/o shipping. Can't wait to bench this sucker to see my scores. They will have to be better than my old systems score of 3500 on 3dmark 05. :lol:
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  1. No one said AM3 CPUs were not compatible with AM2/AM2+. It's the other way around. An AM3 board can't use a AM2 CPU.
  2. whoever told you it wudnt work needs to get his ssa off the forums, its been a well known fact for quite a while that pretty much any 940 pin socket will take any 940pin or 938pin(am3) cpu once the tdp is in range, but the reverse is not possible as a 940pin cpu cannot work in a 938 board as it wudnt fit and a ddr3 controller is not present. and if the board is archived, the company discontinues testing of new cpus, so even if the cpu is not on the support list, it very well might work.
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