Changing The FPS My Camcorder Records At?

Hi, To be honest, I'm pretty sure you can't do it directly from the camcorder itself, as I've gone through every option.

I was wondering if there's a way to change it in graphic/video editing software perhaps. I'm guessing it records at around 30fps. I wanted to drop that down to around 20FPS. Any advice on software that can allow me to do that?

PS: I own a Sony DVD Handy Cam.
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  1. anyone?
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  3. Are you asking if you can slow down time in the video? Thats what will happen if you play 20 frames in a sec if it was recorded in 30 fps. All the tools I have used allow you to do that (Microsoft Movie, Sony Vegas, etc.) by applying a filter.

    Or are you asking to re-encode it at a different frame rate? That would take other software.
  4. What I really wanted to do was give it the "movie" effect by tonning it down to 23.98FPS which is what most movies are filmed at...

    I heard there are ways to nock out 6FPS per video, then "extend" each other frame to fit the same timeline.

    Any ideas?
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