Bunch of small questions.

Hey all, I'm back with some small questions about water-cooling. The loop and most of my questions were answered in this thread, but I thought it would be better start a new thread with these than resurrect the old one.

Here's the components.
XSPC Raystorm RS360 kit. $169

Bitfenix 3pin to 3x 3-pin adaptor. $9 x2
So I can control the push and pull fans separately.

PrimoChill PrimoFlex Pro LRT tubing red, 7/16ID 5/8OD. $18 for 2 metres.

Killcoil. $6.50

EK LED's red, various sizes. $10

Total: $221.50

Should have the components in two days and it (hopefully) built and leak testing by the end of that day.

To the questions!

I have been told to use distilled water, and all I can find is de-mineralized. From what I understand they are the same, but de-mineralized isn't guaranteed to be free of bacteria/algae . Does this matter since I have a kill-coil in the loop, or is it not an issue at all?

I dont think this is really a problem, but I have mismatched fans. The three push fans will be the stock XSPC that comes with the kit, two of the pull fans will be these Coolermaster Silent fans, and the other pull fan is completely unknown. For some reason I think its a Lian Li fan, but don't have any strong evidence to back this.
Any foreseeable issue using mismatched fans? I cant see any issue but if running dissimilar fans will somehow be a problem (or worse than just similar push fans) I would like to know.

Kill-coil placement. I have gathered that it has to be downstream from the pump, and preferably as far away as possible to reduce possible clouding. I was thinking of wedging/coiling it around the radiator intake. Any issue with that? The reservoir isn't really an option since its a combined pump/res.

Cleaning the components before assembling them. I assume just run warm distilled/demineralized into the component, shake it around a bit, drain and doing that a couple of times should be enough. Anything special like vinegar, soap, detergent needed?

Any tips for building this thing?

Thanks for the help, should have a build log of Project: Red-Chalk up in a few days :D
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    1. It shouldn't be too hard to find distilled water, I'd definitely keep looking. Most safeways/pharmacies/grocery stores stock it

    2. No it won't be a huge deal, it might affect performance a bit but not by a huge margin

    3. Don't use kill coils so I couldn't help you sorry

    4. Really this is only for the radiator. Just heat up some distilled water, fill your rad up half way and close it and use two towels to pick up (it's gonna be hot) and shake like there's no tomorrow. Pour, repeat. After each time pour some into a clear glass and see if there's any residue/particulate coming out. After there's little/none left, you're good

    5. Take your time, draw out a loop with your pc on paper to make sure it all makes sense, ask as many questions as you need to along the way, better than messing up. Also don't forget when you're leak testing to jump your PSU and only run the pump, not the full system.

    Hope this helps
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