From SATAII to SATAIII without new Win7 installation

Hi to everyone,

I have been using for my system a SATAII WD blue with 250gb until now but its almost full so I bought a SATAIII WD black of 500gb (my mobo can support it) to use for a system drive. A friend of mine suggested to use the Acronis WD imaging software so not to have to do everything all over again, and to be frank, even if Win7 are installed quickly There are many things eg Steam games I downloaded, tweaks etc, that I would really like to keep as is and not go over everything again.

I read the programs manual and it seems to me that it will get the job done, but I wanted to ask if someone knows anything I should be aware of, performance issues, stability etc, mainly because I really trust Tom's fans, so I get on with it!

Thanks :hello:
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  1. I've used that software before, even when I have changed some components at the same time, (basically migrating my OS to a partial new build) it worked a treat, detected the new hardware as if I had plugged it in to the old system...the motherboard was the same though, that was crucial. As long as your MOBO is the same you won't have a problem with this, and you have little to lose as you will still have the old drive. Keep a note of which HDD was plugged into each SATA port and replace like-for-like, you can always go back to the original configuration.

    Hope this helps

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