Will DDR2 video card work w/ a DDR3 Motherboard

Is a DDR2 Video Card compatible with a motherboard that requires DDR3 RAM?
I have an ATI RADEON HD3450 VidCard and a MSI790GX-G65 motherboard.
The video card is DDR2, and the motherboard needs DDR3. Will the video card work?
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  1. yes its compatibe. ram that is on the video card has no relation to the ram on the motherboard so rest easy.
  2. Yep, though the 3450 won't add a ton over the 790GX's integrated, so perhaps you could get away without even using a card. Worth a try at least. What do you plan on doing with the system?
  3. Yeah, that isn't a gaming card FYI and for other purposes you should really see if the onboard video makes you happy before bothering with a discrete card.
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