SimpleMini Hitachi is broke?

it happen last month ago my crazy cat snatch the USB that connected to my MiniHD and pulls my Hitachi slammed to the ground when i reconnect it back to my computer nothing happen the light lead is ON but i dont feel spinning on my MiniHD if i stick my ear to the MiniHD i can hear a unusual sound of rattling rapidly, its like a broken toy were a gears is spinning but something is holding it back , i tried almost anything to check if the driver or MiniHD is showing in bootup,diskmanager,some thirdparty softwares still no result , the warranty is not valid anymore i leave it in a month cause i got busy i dont have a time to take it specialist so any suggestion here?
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  1. Yea Thats a sign of fatal damage. The sound you hear is the hard drive head broken trying to seek files from the disk that is no longer spinning.
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