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X58 and Marvell

So I just built my first system in 25 years and all works but......I have an error message in the system that says the "Marvell 91XX Config ATA Device" is not compatible with Win 7. The ASUS site does have a BETA driver update but from what I read on this site the general consensus is that Marvell is not very good. This is my system;

12GB's of Ram
WD Caviar Black 3GB 1TB Boot
Segate 1TB 6GB Drive
WD Green 1TB 3GB Drive

This is my question; Should I uninstall the Marvell Driver Software in windows and connect all the hard drives into the Intel 3GB connectors? If I do that do I need to do anything in the BIOS or will all connect via the Intel ICH10?

Thanks for your help

p.s. your site has been a big help for research and ideas!!!
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  1. 1) Sata III only provides increase in burst performance for sata iii HDDs sustainded read/writes are NOT improved. You will see almost no differece between a SATA III HDD on Sata III port vs Sata II. SATA III SSDs currently are the only drives that benifit from Sata III. This will change as Hard Disk manuf start to incorporate a small SSD internally (functions like SRT in SB based systems. Segate has already come out (or will be) a 2.5 " HDD with an internal 8 gig SSD.

    2) sounds more like a driver problem, than a Bios problem. Check manuf Website for there newest Marvel driver.
  2. Yes, there is a new Marvel driver on the ASUS site but it is only a BATA version which makes me nervous. Do I even need to update that driver if I move my HD connections to the Intel connections and not use the Marvel 6GB connections on the MB?

    Thanks for the quick reply!
  3. No and I think you can disable the marvel controller in Bios. You Did have it enabled - Just checking.
  4. yes, it is enabled in the BIOS. Do I need to set any other parameters in the BIOS when I move the HD connections to the Intel connection? or just plug and go.
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    If the drive has windows already installed, First try it and if it does not boot insert the Windows disk and try "repair" to see if it will convert the windows driver. If that does not do it, then do a reinstall. if drive is just a storage HDD then it should be no problem.
  6. ok, will give it a go. Should be no problem since I did format the 2 drives in the windows device manage file but one never knows.
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