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Hey I am having a slight problem with my new build... nothing that I couldn't deal with but it's rather annoying...

upon entering either sleep mode or hibernation my system will refuse to post video on wake...
everything powers back up so I think the system is working properly but my monitor never comes back up. I have to hard reboot to get it running again.

I read some places that it is a common issue with a Radeon Catalyst driver and Windows 7 but I can't get beyond that. I know it definately isn't a memory issue (I've heard some people suggest that) because this is my second set of ram and the OCZ I have in there now is Asus approved I believe. My specs are below...

i7 920
Asus P6X58D Premium
Sapphire Radeon 4860
Hitachi Deskstar Hard Drives

For the record I have the newest Asus Bios and the latest Catalyst drivers.
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  1. Can you hear windows "noises" (music) when it comes out of sleep/hibernate?

    Does it seem fully stable when doing/stressing in Windows?

    The 4860 is a special run by Sapphire. Have you tried using the drivers from their site (just in case they have to be special).
  2. I actually just removed the ATI Catalyst drivers from the sit and used the Sapphire CD which I didn't do before. I am going to take your suggestion of running music and putting it to sleep and waking it up to see what I get. It's just a pain cause I have to hard reboot each time it goes to sleep so I haven't tested all aspects. I'll post my results.
  3. What I meant was what my windows comes back from sleep I think it makes a little "music" saying that it is ready to log in. You could also try blindly typing in your password and then pressing enter and see if that does anything.
  4. OK so I tried what you said and also tried what I was thinking and neither of them produced results... (no log in sound and no startup/wake sound as well as no continuation of music I was playing which will work on my laptop in Win 7 so I can't imagine why it would be dif). Now I am thinking it is an ACPI setting or driver issue or something of the sort since I don't get a full wake it seems.
  5. Yeah, that is odd. Normally Windows won't let you standby if it doesn't think you can. I'd double check all of you BIOS entries (you can try loading default values) and make sure any that involve the OS are set to Vista/7. Also, what is the sleep state defined in the BIOS? I normally set it to "to RAM".
  6. I tried it all... ACPI 2.0 enabled/disabled, repost video on S3, S3 or S1 (basically what your saying about ram).
  7. I have a similar issue before. In my case one of my USB devices attached to my PC was overloading the USB supply. It was a powerrd-hub to support mutitple devices. On the wake-up process i don't have control on the keyboard or the display won't come up.

    I don't turn off my PC. It goes to sleep when there is nothing to do.

    Simplify your hardware and limit your attachment to bare minimum. Work from there.

    This just one possibility.
  8. It's limited... I only have a keyboard/mouse speakers and monitor plugged into the system... ATI gave me some hotfix to try when I get home but I read somewhere that someone tried it and it did nothing.
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