Is this Modification possible?

Hello Tomshardware forum members,
I want to share an idea i had once and want to ask if it would be possible

To begin with.
This is my very outdated PALIT 9800gt green which i still run on my old system, but decided to play with it.

Its specifications are as follows:
1Gb DDR3 memory
Core clock:550 MHz
Shader Clock: 1100 MHz
Memory clock: 900MHz
Core Voltage: 1.05
However the reference clocks are a bit higher. I tried to reach them by manually setting the clock speeds with EVGA Precision and got some not satisfying results like 630MHz on the gore and 1010MHz on the memory. Higher than that would make the card unstable and put it in power saving mode (300/100MHZ) or even shutting it down, and both states were only fixed by a restart. I take that this is a sign that The card exceeds the 75w TDP of the PCIe slot, and the board has a removed 6pin power connector.

When i turned the card around i saw where the external power connector would go if it had one.

So here is the real question I had in mind. It might be absurd, please don't laugh if you feel like it.
Can I do this operation to add another 75W of power available to this card by doing this:

Connecting a molex cable like it would with an adapter, but without it, soldering the 12v cable and the ground ones should, by theory, give the card far more headroom for overclocking, overvolting and all the good stuff. This may sound nice, but i haven't got the smallest idea if this will actually work, so i'm asking you to evaluate this idea and tell me if it is plausible or idiotic or completely absurd.
Thank you and sorry for the long post :)

The pictures I uploaded do not correspond exactly to my card as i took them out of the internet, but i'm sure you will get the idea
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  1. Yes that will work
  2. alec3601 said:
    Yes that will work

    Only if they didn't remove other components for the cards power regulation for the removed connector. I would guess that it is more than likely not just the connector was removed and those.
  3. Hmm didn't think of that. But one day when I have spare time i will try it out, and if it doesn't work, it will still look pretty ghetto and awesome.
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