MSI Afterburner not displaying information.

Hello, I have been using MSI Afterburner for years now, and never had an issue before, but after SLIing my GTX 670's and reformatting my computer the application is not working properly. I did a clean install of my drivers and I installed all windows updates in order and took my time making sure nothing installed incorrectly.

Below are 2 screenshots of my issue.

No information:

My video card information:

I have tried version 2.2.2 and 2.2.4 of MSI Afterburner but neither work, and i've actually reformatted twice this week, it hasn't worked either time... I don't know if there is a problem from reformatting, or a problem with my new SLI setup.

Any help with this is VERY much appreciated!
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  1. OK i figured out that im just stupid.... so if my thinking is correct instead of it showing what the clock speed is like it used to, this new version (i was maybe using an older version?) just shows how much you increase it by?

    If that is the case then am lost as to what to increase it by, anyone have any suggestions for overclock speed increase for my cards?

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