AMD phenom X2 965 OC unstable?

X4* Sorry for my mistake in the title.

Hey guys,

I think I have a problem with my cpu that is messing with my system. Recently I have experienced three random BSOD while gaming and I started looking for could have caused this. For the last two months I was running my amd 965 with 3.6ghz @ 1.35v but when I used prime95 today to test for stability after a few minutes 1-2 cores would randomly stop working . Temperature isn't the issue since its below 55 Celsius at all times. Currently I am testing to see whether 3.4ghz @ 1.35v is more stable.

Do you guys know what can cause single cores to fail the stress test? Also, could this be the reason for my BSODs?

Here is the rest of my system:

Amd phenom x2 965 BE 3.4ghz @ 1.35v (stock cooler)
Asrock Extrem3 870 Rev 2.0
Radeon sapphire hd 6950
2 x 4gb PNY DDR3 1333mhz
1 x 4gb Corsair value select DDR3 1333mhz
Samsung 830 64gb (boot drive)
Windows 7 64bit SP 1

Thanks for your time guys! :)

Edit: I noticed that even at 3.4ghz, the 4 workers in prime95 run at different speeds. Is this normal?


-Even at 3.4ghz one-two workers always stop in prime within 30 minutes.

-Ran a full cycle of Memetest86 and no errors, ram doesn't seem to be an issue

-Checked boot and secondary drives using hd tune pro 5, nothing wrong with either

-Increased voltage to 1.4v (3.4ghz) and workers still fail

-Updated MB bios to newest version (1.80)

-Blend test still fails at stock settings after a few mins.

-Had do undo the bios update because it was messing with my hard drives. back to 1.20

-Running a blend test with 3.6ghz @ 1.35v for 2.5 hours now without errors. Maybe the instability fixed itself?
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  1. if workers are failing, you need more voltage
  2. I increased voltage to 1.375/1.4v and workers still fail after a few minutes.
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