My New I5 System

Hi all i just wanted to post some results of my overclocked i5 750 system and get some opinions if good or bad.. also i wanted to get some info on a easy to install cooling solution for the cpu?? currently i use the stock and at 4gig it will thorttle because of heat, 3.6 about the max it wont trottle under full load, the intel cooling was easy to install im hoping there is something similar to this just snap on with a better cooling?? thanks

asus p55
intel i5 750 (oc 20X200 ) @ 4gig
60gig ocz ssd
asus readon 5850 (oc to 1000/1200)
4 gig ram (ddr pc1066)
600 wat psu

3dmarkvantage- performance setting (default)

overall - 18540

how are these numbers? and any suggestions on the cooling will be great thank you
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  1. look here for best of the best

    cooler master hyper 212+ current best budget option
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