Reinstalling O/S with RAID

Hi, I have a question reguarding my file server.

The storage consists of 4x1.5TB drives in Raid 10, which is done through the motherboard (not software raid)
The boot drive is a 64gb ssd.

My question is if I reinstall my operating system (on boot drive) with this affect the data on the RAID hard drives? Can I unplug the raid drives (just in case), wipe the ssd, and install the o/s then plug the drives back in and windows will recognise my data with the new windows installation?

Oh my current operating system is server 2008 R2 and I am installing WHS 2011 (I know kind of a downgrade but WHS has automatic computer backups)

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  1. As long as none of the hardware changes (board or raid contoler) and you set the new windows install the same as the old windows install in reguards to the raid array, it SHOULD work just fine. I have been able to activate the same array on different versions of windows, using different boot HDs.

    That said windows activation of raid arrays is funky, it might want to rebuild the whole array, or it might want you to format and recreate.

    I would get an old HD to test as a boot drive, before you wipe out your current Boot drive.
  2. if your going to reinstall the OS to the ssd, you should unplug the HDDs anyway. and since the array is spun up during post and reported to the OS as a single disk (from the mobo, so os doesnt matter as far as recognizing it) all your information should be just fine when youre done.
  3. Might be worth double checking the requirements/installation guide for WHS 2011, I seem to remember something about WHS only supporting RAID through the OS not the BIOS.
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