9400gt 250 watt

can i install 9400 gt on my system
Intel Pentium 4 , ddr2 , 1gb ram
,250watt max power supply

also is there any other direct x 10 compatible card which i can put reply appreciated
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  1. yes, u can, since 9400gt doesn't need any additional power cable from PSu...
    And make sure your motherboard has a PCI-E slot in there...
    yes, 4650 or 4670 is dx10, but i'm concerned about your PSU, it's a very low.
  2. PSU is very low.Is it a good brand PSU?

    What are you buying the card for?
  3. Yes,U can use a 9400GT with ur pc without any problems,But in some cases ur processor may bottleneck the gfx card,Otherwise no probs!

    P4 HT @ 3.83GHz - ASUS P5KPL AM/PS - 2GB JETRAM - 2233SW - 250GB SEAGATE SATA
  4. If you are buying the card you could get a newer more power efficient one than that...
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