How to format pc window 7 without deleting any file

how do i format my pc using window 7,without deleting files?
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  1. Hi daniel joy500, when you format a hdd, you destroy all data on it. What you are asking is how to install windows 7 without losing all your data from previous OS.

    What are your pc spec, CPU, MOTHERBOARD, RAM, GPU, type of hdd ( sata or ide ) and the previous operating system you are using.

    Never upgraded myself, always do a clean install, but upgrade may save user data, don't quote me on that :-)

    To fresh install, you WOULD HAVE TO BACK UP ALL YOUR DATA to another hdd, or USB memory stick ( not practical really if you have 100's of Gb of data ) or external hdd or DVD.

    Update thread daniel joy500 with the information needed above, then we can better advise you on the process to follow so all your important data is not lost when you upgrade to win 7.
  2. what do you want?
  3. If you boot from a windows 7 Cd, and follow the steps. if you are at the drive selecting section, just select you c: and install. the old windows's files would be saved in a folder called Windows.old in the C: drive. you will be able to get all the data. but application you will have to reinstall. hope this helped you

  4. daniel joy500 said:
    how do i format my pc using window 7,without deleting files?

    To answer your question, u can do exactly what Jurgens wrote. But transfer files off that partition or HDD and do a clean install to keep things running smooth...., just like illusio12 wrote.

    My 2 cents
  5. what is thread?you asked me to upgrade my thread,so i don't know can you assist me?
  6. This is your thread daniel joy500 :-); the current discussion in progress!
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