55 nm vs 65 nm 9800 gtx+ sli

I have an i7 config with i7 920, intel dx58so, 3 gb 1333mhz ddr3, 320 gb and one xfx 9800 gtx+ (overclocked 9800 gtx, 65nm technology). Now if i try to add another 9800 gtx+ but this time the newer 55nm technology one (as a matter of fact the gts 250, which is actually a refurbrished 9800 gtx+) can they be connected in sli ? Will this system work ? Please help.

Also will i need to upgrade my psu (currently zebronics realwatts 600 watts) ?
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  1. I thought the GTX was the 65nm and the GTX+ was the 55nm cards.
  2. That i thought too, until i had bought and installed the xfx 9800 gtx+ and saw that its an overclocked version of 9800 gtx and is of 65nm technology. Crumbs!! I never knew this kind of confusion could exist after doing extensive research of video cards. The video card makers are really one step ahead of us.:(
  3. This may go some way to explaining why the GTX+ was renamed to the GTS250, so as to stop unscrupulous partners selling OC'd versions of the 65nm GTX as the 55nm'+' version. [:grahamlv:3]
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