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I read the FAQ and have been cleaning my new water cooling parts with DI water, boiling and using for my blocks and radiators.

The CPU blocks were perfect and it did nothing much to clean them. Then I tried my Black Ice SR-1 rads using a boiling pan of water, turned off for a few minutes, then inserted a submersible pump running 2 tubes to the outlets on the rad with compression fittings. It was left running for almost 1 hour and I did not find anything coming out from the rad. Maybe a few specs at most, but mostly just clear water. I had the outlet line from the rad running back into the pan of hot water so I could see if it was getting anything out. Just wondering if this is normal or anyone else had nothing really to come out of their new rads? Can't think of anything else since this is how most say to do it and advise NOT using vinegar since it is bad for the copper and such.

I could try filling the rad with hot water after boiling, letting sit, draining some, shacking and emptying, repeat, etc. However, it doesn't seem like this would do much else the method above wasn't doing.

Any thoughts or advice? Is it normal to not have flux come out of new rads or very little? I kept reading about how you HAD to REALLY clean new parts because they had LOTS of gunk in them, but not finding much or any at all so far.

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  1. When I got my new XSPC EX 420 and Alphacool Nexxxos UT 60 240 I also noticed that when flushing/cleaning them I got no flux/residue coming out of them. It seems like newer ones might be precleaned or something. I wouldn't worry about it.
  2. Make some Moto Mix.
    Distilled water
    White Vinegar (5-10%)
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