6gb (4gb usable)!

My ram is unstable and constantly dropping off one stick of ram for no reason other than my guesses. I've reset the ram timings to factory but I've left the voltage dram on auto because I've got no experience with voltage tweaking. Could some one link me a site which helps with something like this.
If it helps my mono is GA-X58A-UD3R rev 2. Just if anyone had this problem, Also my OS is windows 7 pro 64.
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  1. Windows 7 is particular with its RAM. Some brands in some motherboards in some combinations makes Win 7 crash and deliever a BSOD amongst other things. Make sure your RAM timings are matched all the way across your DIMMS. Try swapping the RAM for another brand. Try slower RAM if need be it makes little real world difference.
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    Dude, honestly i hated that board - it was my first i7 board and it was a pain in the ass to get working (semi) properly

    I would take a look at gigabytes memory compatibility list and stick strictly to it
    memory problems were only 1 orf the many problems i had and eventually said F*** it and went with the rampage board (which would be my main suggestion to do) - couldn't be happier.

    the way i dealt with that particular memory issue was to hard-shut off the system via psu and power it all back up until i got all 6 - then it restarted fine from then on until id shut it down for the night - over night the problem crept up and id have to do it all over again
  3. yeah I'm worried this might become a consistent problem which I never truely "fix". Oh well I guess I could invest in a solid board eventually. Ty for the suggestion :D
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