Best water cooler for i7 920

what is the Best water cooler for i7 920
2x 5770

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  2. Wow, those are a lot of terrible choices mfarrukh :pfff:
    The WC kits you list are of exceptionally low quality and that 'HDD Cooler' is actually made to cool Corsair Dominator RAM.
    The only good parts you list would be the Swiftech radiator and pump.

    OP, are you looking to WC just the i7 or the GPU's along with it?
    If you only are looking to cool the CPU and are on a budget, you can locate a great Swiftech Kit Here.
    If you are looking to cool both GPU's and the CPU, I would recommend at least 2 360mm radiators, a pair of MCW60's, a Apogee XT and a Laing D5 or MCP655 pump.
  3. I would recommend to get your own build and avoid kits.
    Swiwtech doesnt have bad kits, but you can still make better and 240 rad is just not enough to cool both I7 CPU and GPU.
    Question is where you want to put all that stuff,as its not that easy put watercooling inside regular case.
    If you want silent and at same time cool pc i would go with 2 loops, one for CPU and other one for GPUs so you can get low speed fans on radiators..
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