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Hello, I'd love for someone to help me here so here goes....

I am running Windows 7 off an SSD (C:) with a 2tb HDD being used as storage (D:). By storage I mean movies, pictures, files folders ect. I also have an FTP server setup via FileZilla which uses the files and folders on the HDD to share.

Now, I just built a system for my friend, using the same components as mine. I installed windows as normal (the same copy of Windows 7 as mine - 64bit Ultimate) and took my 2TB HDD out of my system and put it in his in order to copy my movies, games and files onto his storage drive his bios looks like this - SATA0 - OCZ 120gb SSD, SATA1 SAMSUNG 2.0TB HDD, SATA2 SAMSUNG 2.0TB. In his 'My Computer' he is seeing C: D: and E: - D&E being the two 2TB drives. He can access E: and view all of my files and folders - I have added 'everyone' to the priviledge list with full control. However, when I try to copy and paste any large file e.g. over 800mb the system sort of acts 'very very busy' and doesnt espond to any commands - i just get the spinner for ever! If I add my storage drive to my Windows XP Workstation and start dragging files and folders off, it just plods along with a progress bar and happily copies and moves files on command - whatever size.


Our setups are this - ASUS M4N98TD-EVO, AMD Phenom II x4 BE OC'd to 3.5GHz. 8GB Corsair XMS3 DDR 1600, ASUS ENGTS 250 DK, 120GB OCZ VERTEX SSD, 2.0TB SAMSUNG HDD, EZCOOL 700W MODULAR PSU, WINDOWS 7 64BIT ULTIMATE.
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  1. Maybe the target drive has the problem ???

    Try disabling NCQ.
  2. Hi, thanks for getting back to me. All mentioned drives are set in the bios to IDE mode. Again, the storage drive works absolutely fine on one SSD running windows 7 and also on another system running XP. It's only when I try to transfer large files off it onto another formatted storage drive. All drives are formatted to ntfs
  3. thanks a lot for this direction. Ive read through and one of the issues immediately jumped out at me - the part about windows xp being fine and the issue relates windows 7 to a Samsung drive and disabling write caching.

    I therefore have disabled write caching on the drive using windows XP - that is where the drive is installed to at the minute. I will then try transplanting the drive back into my friends system when I next see him, and report the results here.

    Thanks again

    there are 2 identical computers, they have windows 7 installed to an SSD and they have Samsung Spinpoint 2tb HDD acting as a storage drives. I took the Storage drive out of the computer that was built first and put it in the second system in order to drag about 100gb of files off it onto the 2tb hdd already installed in that system. the secon system now has 3 drives - the SSD and two 2tb drives. Now when I try to copy and paste large files of one HDD to the Other, the system crashes almost instantly.

    When I put the storage HHD back into its original system, or any other system running Windows XP - not 7 there is no problem.

  5. The OP in that HDD Guru writes ...

    "I think I finally got it. I disabled the "Command Queuing" in the SATA controllers under device manager for the Samsung Hard disk, and re-enabled the writing cache on it. Now it is transferring at high speeds without any hangups so far, after copying around 25GB worth of small and large files."
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